In order to maintain the home value and prevent damage from moisture intrusion it is important that you pay attention to various areas of your home which will require maintenance on a regular schedule.

Although as the homeowner, you are responsible for determining necessary maintenance and seeing that it is performed, some basic suggestions might include but are not limited to:

Concrete/asphalt surfaces:

  • Seal or patch gaps and cracks to avoid damage from freezing moisture. Freezing moisture will enlarge cracks in concrete and asphalt.

Exterior walls

  • Trim back vegetation
  • Seal gaps or cracks in walls and around doors and windows where moisture may penetrate with an appropriate sealant or paint
  • Replace any missing exterior wall covering material.


  • The roof should be free of debris, which will hold moisture next to the roof covering material and hasten deterioration.
  • Keep the gutter system in good repair, sealing leaks and cleaning the gutters and downspouts
  • Replace missing or damaged shingles and seal areas where flashing may not protect the roof structure
  • Be sure that downspouts route roof drainage away from the foundation.
  • In cold climates, downspouts which are connected to underground drains are subject to freeze problems in the fall and spring.

Decks and porches

  • Keep the finish in good condition. Clear finishes may require maintenance as often as every year or two.


  • Monitor pipe fittings, boilers and water heaters for corrosion or leakage. Maintain major appliances as recommended by local professionals.


  • Have the system, including the cabinet, burners, blower and filter cleaned and adjusted on an appropriate schedule. You can determine what constitutes an appropriate schedule by consulting with a qualified heating contractor.

Moisture damage

  • Moisture intrusion can cause damage to the home by effecting the ability of the soil to support the weight of the foundation and by creating conditions favorable to the growth of biological organisms such as mold fungus. Mold fungus will cause wood with which it comes into contact to decay and may create unhealthy conditions by increasing concentrations of mold spores in the indoor air of the home. Always watch for any signs of moisture intrusion and take steps to correct it immediately.
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